Guarda Web Wallet Support Number

Talking specifics, the web wallet is accessible through any device that is connected to the internet and Guarda claims that extensive security work has been conducted to ensure user safety. Guarda’s web wallet also comes with the capability to connect to Ledger’s API. Ledger devices can be connected to Guarda Multi-Currency web  wallet for enhanced security, along with Guarda wallet support signature interface.

Guarda Desktop Wallet Support Number

Moving on to the desktop or laptop versions, these have the same capabilities as the Web version. Usage of this wallet does not require registration and is non-custodial. Guarda also claim to have ensured the security and anonymity of wallet operations for users.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Guarda wallets come in two different varieties, supporting the two most popular OS systems for mobile devices. The iPhone wallet goes by the name of “Guarda”, however, for some reason, the Android wallet is called “Moxi.” This is possibly connected to a grant received by the company on behalf of the Zcash foundation along with Guarda Wallet Support Number.

Guards Customer Support Number and Online Support Reviews

Guarda supplies its users with an extensive FAQ and a ticket system for customized support.

The company seems to be very responsive and has answered all of the comments, questions, and issues raised in public. This has apparently caused most users to be very satisfied with the product and the company, earning them a significant amount of positive reviews of Guarda Wallet Support Number.

In addition, Guarda uses TrustPilot to enable users to freely communicate regarding the wallet and review their services, without the possibility of censorship. Out of 152 reviews at the time of writing 79% are Excellent and 4% are Great.

Most people therefore seem to have a positive experience with the wallet and its supporting services. Most users report a fast reply to their messages whenever they encounter a problem.

Some people, however, claim that the app has stolen crypto from them. Without evidence of vulnerability or malware, the most likely conclusion is that these users did not correctly manage their keys.

Other users report that they’ve gotten some extremely bad exchange rates. To avoid this possibility, check out what coins are trading for on other exchanges before trading. You may do so by searching your coin of internet on CoinMarketCap, then viewing its various price pairs in the “Markets” tab of Guarda Wallet Support Number.

The support team behind Guarda has responded to each and every one of these reviews, regardless if they were negative or not, which leads us to believe that they are very responsive and conscientious Guarda Wallet Support Number. However, it is up to you to decide whether these negative reviews are a red flag and cause for concern.

5. Conclusion

The company behind Guarda has grown rapidly and developed 10 products in two short years. It’s clear that the team behind Guarda is hardworking and competent.

Their wallet offering is wide and deep, providing users with a toolkit for most everything they need to do with crypto. It’s possible to use multiple wallet varieties to get access to funds via PC, mobile, and web. It seems that with Guarda you will always have access to your funds with help of Guarda Wallet Support Number.

However, the fact that some negative reviews exist generates suspicion about the effectiveness of the software. It is unclear whether these reviews are substantial or simply the mistakes of the uneducated crypto beginner.